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deep in the night [May. 27th, 2003|11:54 am]
korean music

thank you to zannah for hosting!

128 bit, 4.33 meg, 4:44 min

track #12 from chocolate
release date: 12.12.00

I feel that J is a very distinctive singer. This song showcases her sweet r&b style, with an almost dance-like feeling. "Deep in the Night" is off her English album, Chocolate, but it's in Korean... It's a really pretty song.

^^;; The azn.nu redirect is down for some reason... So if livejournal.com/~eumak is too much trouble to type, you can also use musicmix.at/eumak or eumak.musicmix.at ^^.
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come back to me [May. 25th, 2003|08:07 pm]
korean music
128 bit, 3.83 meg, 4:11 min

Here's a request by nisee! This is the English version of Seven's hit song Wah Juh aka "Come Back to Me" (track 3). About halfway through, there are bits of the Intro (track 1 from Seven's debut album) ("When you hear Seven turn it up~"). If you like Wah Juh, this won't disappoint =).

I don't think this is from an album, so the picture on the right is a random Seven picture from some poster. Many many thanks to user kpopper from the soompi forums for providing this mp3, and to zannah for providing the webspace!!

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koyote 5 [May. 24th, 2003|10:19 pm]
korean music
I've decided to make EUMAK more of a fileshare forum than just a place where I post things I upload.

Well, I've kinda already been doing that, but still. I just figure... most of the things I post I've found elsewhere anyway, so I might as well share the wealth. And it saves me uploading time ^^;;. (But I don't mind uploading something from another site if it has ridiculously slow downloading speeds, etc.)

Okay, the more I think about this, the more it's like... this is what I've been doing all along! Oh well, it's official now. Request whatever Korean stuff you want, and I'll try my best to either find a link or upload it.

Today's feature is Koyote 5, which was just released on the 22nd. Koyote is a co-ed group. Their fifth album title track is #3, Bi Sang. Kinda techno high-energy stuff that reminds me of Turbo. I'm currently in the process of downloading the rest of the album... =) This album appears thanks to http://zerodegrees.cjb.net.
01. Nam Nam
02. Mu Shim
03. Bi Sang
04. Ga
05. Eh Won
06. Stop
07. Nol Ja
08. Eh Shim
09. Seul Peo Ji Neun Haru
10. Day
11. Dan Nyom
12. All the Time
13. Chae Nyom
14. Il Nyun Ban
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seoul eh bit / the lights of seoul [May. 23rd, 2003|03:51 pm]
korean music
There was an update yesterday, but LiveJournal was being all cracky, so I'm not sure if you guys saw it. I'm currently having problems logging in to the server via FTP, and I don't know if it's just some problem with me or what.

Oh well, at least two of the songs I've posted can be downloaded elsewhere, so it's not that tragic.

I wanna share with you guys another song by BoA called Seoul eh Bit, which means "The Lights of Seoul". It's the theme song for something called "Hi Seoul", but I don't really understand... Here's an article mentioning it:

Three new envoys for Seoul

2003.03.02: The Seoul Metropolitan Government appointed three additional special envoys for the city. They are professional announcer Hwang Hyeun-jeong, singer [Kangta] and BoA. [...] A total of 16 envoys will participate in a variety of publicity activities for the city in scheduled events like "Love Seoul Festival" May 24- 25 and "Seoul Citizen's Day Festival" Oct. 27- 28). For instance, BoA, a popular singer among both Koreans and Japanese, will sing a theme song of "Hi Seoul," the city's new slogan.

Source: Seoul Now

Someone posted both the Korean and English versions, as well as the lyrics at the soompi forums... I don't want to be a leech, so let me just link to that post:

128 bit, 4.04 meg, 4:25 min

128 bit, 4.07 meg, 4:27 min

I thought that was cool cuz I haven't seen or heard about it anywhere else. As for the song itself... It's not her best, but you know, BoA fans are BoA fans... ^^;; I don't think I could claim to be a Korean music source without offering some of her stuff now and then.

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why be normal / party / an dwae nayo / holiday [May. 22nd, 2003|06:33 pm]
korean music

hosted by zannah[!]

yg family; WHY BE NORMAL
128 bit, 4.19 meg, 4:34 min

track #10 from 97-yg-02 ($12.75)
release date: 10.29.02

Perry, Masta Wu, and G-Dragon. Nice sample of what YG has to offer~ ^o^ At first I didn't understand why it was so popular, but it grew on me ^^.

take; PARTY
192 bit, 4.91 meg, 3:34 min

track #3 from take 1 ($8.95)
release date: 04.17.03

This is one of Take's mid-tempo/semi-upbeat songs. They really are a younger version of Shinhwa! I definitely recommend Shinhwa and F2tS fans to check 'em out. Special credits to http://zerodegrees.cjb.net, which has Take 1 up for download.

wheesung f. perry; AN DWAE NAYO (REMIX)
128 bit, 3.07 meg, 3:21 min

from like a movie ($10.49)
release date: 04.04.02

I love this song! Hot r&b stuff. Wheesung has a very sexy voice ^^. The phrase "An dwae na yo" is repeated a lot, but I don't mind ^o^. This is the remix -- I've yet to hear the original to compare to.

palm drive f. boa; HOLIDAY
192 bit, 5.72 meg, 4:10 min

from holiday [single] ($9.99)
release date: 02.26.03

This is for all the BoA fans! Mind you, this song is in Japanese. But, um, you get to hear BoA say "SUV"? :X Again, originally from http://zerodegrees.cjb.net.

I'm so sorry for not updating for over a week! I'll try to make it up to you guys. I'm posting mostly hip-hop/r&b stuff, but if there's a demand for more pop and ballads... comment away!
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everybody get down (part 2) / you guan xi [May. 4th, 2003|06:25 pm]
korean music

files graciously hosted by zannah

yg family; EVERYBODY GET DOWN (Part 2)
[112 bit, 3.11 meg, 3:53 min]

track #8 from 97-yg-02 ($12.75)
release date: 10.29.02
label: yg entertainment

This song is by SWI'T, featuring Jinu from Jinusean. He cracks me up because he's so ghetto in the intro -- "off tha heazy fo sho fo sheazy" says it all. It's cute though =). It's a great song~ and it's not hardcore or anything, if the title might infer otherwise. This song reminds me of those songs with guys cruising around in cars. The girls of SWI'T have sweet voices even though they're not pop princesses. Btw, the Part 1 I believe is on SWI'T's first album, though I've never heard it.

yuki hsu (feat. jinusean); YOU GUAN XI
[128 bit, 3.08 meg, 3:21 min]

track #5 from love ($14.99)
release date: 01.01.00
label: rock records

You Guan Xi is loosely translated to "Tell Me", or "It Matters." This is the Chinese version of Mal Hae Jo done by Jinusean and Uhm Jung Hwa. Yuki sings Uhm Jung Hwa's parts in Chinese and Jinusean sings their parts in English. I thought it was pretty cool, so :o. The Korean version is slightly better, but this one is worth checking out. Note: Yuki Hsu is listed listed as Yuki Xu on YesAsia. Her full name is Xu Huai Yu.

I also got a little redirecting shorter url thing. eumak.azn.nu redirects to livejournal.com/~eumak. The former url is easier to promote.. ^^
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se7en / "heartbroken" / minwoo breakdance [May. 3rd, 2003|06:49 pm]
korean music
Wow there is like 2108192701 music rotational journals now. But that just means more music for the masses, so it's all good =).

Recently I downloaded and burned Se7en's new CD because someone had posted it at soompi and I had hear very good things about it. I highly, highly reccomend it! I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of his songs. Actually, in terms of range, it's about the same as Shinhwa's -- i.e. from crooning romantic songs to cool "sassy" (or whatever the male equivalent of the word would be) songs. It just seems to be worth mentioning that Se7en is part of the YG Family. However, his style is described as R&B, so I guess that's what it is ^^;;.

I don't really tend to post entire CDs, but since it's already posted up, might as well give you guys the whole thing and see for yourself if Se7en is for you. I mean, Come Back to Me is a good song to me, but everyone seems to LOVE it... While I personally favour Luz Control.

( Read reviews at YesAsia, by people who seem to know more of what they're talking about than I do. )

Without further ado, Se7en's first album, Just Listen, from Korean ll.com. (I would just post a link to their site and send y'all to download from there, but I can't even navigate it myself ><.)

01. Intro (f. Perry, G-Dragon)
02. I Just Wanna Be
03. Come Back to Me
04. "One Time Just One Time"
05. One to Ten
06. "Sad Parting" (f. Wheesung)
07. Seven (Interlude)
08. "Seeing You By Chance"
09. Luz Control (f. Wheesung, Lexy)
10. Baby I Like You Like That
11. "Holding Flowers"
12. "Bye" (f. Spider)
13. "Leave Me Far Away"
14. "I Want to Be You"

Originally posted by Ayha5 @ the soompi forums.

If anyone has problems with those links, I'll just upload a couple of select songs from that album.

Also, sorry for not posting for awhile =(.


S.E.S. - Bigah "Heartbroken"
for sakura_sama

Minwoo Breakdance Lesson (CUTE! ^^)
for misssakura

As for others, I'll get to those soon~ I don't think all the comments got to me via email o.O. Okay well all songs that were posted before this update I'm gonna delete.. since it's been over a good 7 days for all of em.

Are people still having problems with sfsalumni.com? I heard other people were having problems with it also, but as of right now when I checked, it worked fine for me. I think it might have just been down for revamps =).
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expo expo: s#arp / jinusean / jang nara ... [Apr. 21st, 2003|10:51 pm]
korean music
expo expo! this update's all about outlinks.

i upload songs that are hard to get a hold of. otherwise, when people request songs already uploaded elsewhere, i direct them to that elsewhere. my general rule of thumb: if it's not at sfsalumni.com, i upload it. there's a WEALTH of k-pop hoarded there. and the download speeds are so fast...

here's my answer to all requests that have been made that i haven't uploaded:

general artists

S#ARP can be found at sfsalumni.com/mp3/s/

about: s#arp is a mixed group (two guys, two girls). they're one of my faves ^__^. sadly, they broke up late last year....

recommended songs: tell me tell me (i looove this song XD. apparently, it has a pretty special beat -- it's featured on both ddr 4th mix korean as well as one of the earlier versions of pump it up) & "my lips... like warm coffee" (the file name is Sharp4.5__NaeIpSoolTtaTteutHanCoffeeChuhRum.mp3... konglish titles are fun, ne?).

JINUSEAN can be found at sfsalumni.com/mp3/j/

about: two guys -- jinu and sean. part of the yg family (1tym, g-dragon, swi.t...). smooth in both english and korean =). they are said to be among the first to introduce hip-hop to korea... sean started up the korean clothing line majah flavah. they have A LOT of guest artists on their albums... including j, uhm jung hwa, perry, and others. even chinese singer yuki hsu! (they sing the chinese/english of "mal hae jo"... it's cool, i gotta upload it for you guys!!) yes. jinusean = luuuuuuv. i love jinu :X. [ for more info ]

recommended songs: follow me (in english, features the popular japanese vocals m-flo!) & mal hae jo (featuring uhm jung hwa! it's all in korean ^^). for less "hard" songs, try how deep is your love (isn't this an old american song?) & celebrate (it's really sweet & loverly~ ^^).

JANG NARA can be found at sfsalumni.com/mp3/j/

about: jang nara has the "cute" look going for her, rather than the "gorgeous" look. she's also and actress and... stuff. i don't know much about her, but she's multitalented, that's for sure! she has a very sweet voice. like i said in the very first entry... her latest album cover looks terrible (imho), but her music is wonderful.

recommended songs: sweet dream (it's that popular for a reason ^^) & "soaking my face with tears" (filename JangNaRa__NoonMoolAe_UlGoolEul_MootNeunDa.mp3 -- i posted this one in the very first entry). "probably love" (filename JangNaRa__AhMaDo_SaRangYiGetJyo.mp3) is also a very popular song of hers.

specific songs

AS ONE - DAY BY DAY @ sfsalumni.com/mp3/a/

BROWN EYES - WITH COFFEE @ sfsalumni.com/mp3/b/
brown eyes is another group that focuses on the music, not the image. they're infamous for not appearing on tv shows etc.

BOA - VALENTI @ sfsalumni.com/mp3/b/
korean version! you all must know kwon boa like the back of your hand by now. she's a sensation that's taken korean and japan by storm~ i don't really like when people are over popularized like that, but her songs ARE that good ^^. the only old boa song that i would upload aside from requests is "feelings deep inside" -- the korean version of "kimochi wa tsutawaru", which i absolutely adore. my favorite boa song... in korean! can it get any better?

J-WALK - SUDDENLY @ sfsalumni.com/mp3/j/
j-walk is gooood! diavlomoon especially requested this song to give him the exposure he deserves. i highly recommend it myself! (you requesting-type people out there have good taste, i must say!)

i'm still experimenting a lot with this whole thing... so suggestions & ideas are welcome. (oh, and i'll get s.e.s. - heartbroken up soon!)


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my style / have yourself a merry little christmas [Apr. 21st, 2003|09:23 pm]
korean music

who do we love? zannah!!

jo pd; MY STYLE
[128 bit, 3.70 meg, 4:02 min]

track #8 from stardom in future flow
release date: 12.22.01
label: enterone

aka cho pd -- the characters are in korean, hence the different romanizations. castle_outsider's request! kinda repetitive, but it has a catchy beat ^^. the music video was pretty popular not too long ago~ quoth yesasia: why does jo pd sing? the twenty-five years' old rapper/hip hop producer sings because, like water and air, music is a necessity of life. there is nothing jo pd despises more than the "manufactured stars." he will tell you why in his new song, "shame on you." as you can probably tell by now, jo pd doesn't like the mainstream media, that's why he does his work through the internet. the number-one featured track of the album, "my style," shows us how he lives his life according to his belief.

[192 bit, 5.12 meg, 3:43 min]

track #4 from carolling
release date: 11.30.02
label: rock records

yes, it's a christmas song, and yes, it's in english. pretty cute... it's by as one, how bad can it be? ^^ requested by sakura_sama.

i'd just like to thank masao from the soompi forums for sending my style to me via aim.. soo kind =).

watch out for some jinusean soon~! ^^

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true love / without you [Apr. 21st, 2003|05:05 pm]
korean music

rah rah zannah!!

[128 bit, 3.56 meg, 3:53 min]
track #2 from kiss 1 ($10.49)

[128 bit, 3.41 meg, 3:43 min]
track #8 from kiss 1 ($10.49)

release date: 11.26.01
label: daeyoung

two songs from kiss's first album! kiss is famous for their music video, yuh ja ee ni kka.. "because i'm a girl", which is definitely worth listening to at least once (comment & i'll post a link ^^). many consider it one of the saddest korean vids ever... and that's saying a lot, seeing as how korean vids tend to be.. very tragic. these two songs were requested by sakura_sama.. true love is in korean (cute happy yay song that makes you think of sunshine and stuff =) and without you has wistful lyrics but it still has a slightly happy beat ^^;; it.. reminds me of mandy moore! @@

*grin* i'm happy that people are interested in hearing stuff by jinusean~ ^^ i wub them <3. i still have some requests to fulfill... don't worry, i haven't forgotten =).
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