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BoA 3 [May. 31st, 2003|07:11 pm]
korean music
I have quite a bit for you kids today ^^;;. I have outlinks to two places to download BoA's latest album, Atlantis Princess, and a couple of local YG Family links.

This is BoA's 3rd album, whose official release is TODAY! Not too surprisingly, two sites already have the full album up. The first is the same place that I got the full Seven album from (i.e. the Korean site I can't navigate which is why I'm posting direct links), which you can download from by clicking the song titles. The second is Zero Degrees, which is offered as the "Alternate Link". Play around and download from whichever one works better for you. Btw: I dunno what bitrate the songs from Zero are, but the songs from the Korean site are 192 bit. Keep that in mind?

A little about the album itself: the title song is #2, which unfortunately I lost the Korean title to. [Edit: Ah teul lan ti seu Soh nyah.] It's already well-known by its English subtitle "Atlantis Princess", or perhaps a closer translation, "Atlantis Girl". I'm in the process of downloading the album myself, so I can't comment much on its actual contents. However, I am glad to see the abundance of Korean titles (and as tapedwings pointed out, lack of English sung in the title song). It just makes me feel like even though she's climbed to be considered the universal symbol of Asian pop, she's not forgetting about Korea back home. I dunno ^^;;. It's just a refreshing change.

Oh, by the way, I hope you notice that Seoul eh Bit and The Lights of Seoul are songs that I posted last week ^^.

01. Time to Begin [Alternate Link]
02. Atlantis Soh nyah (Atlantis Princess) [Alternate Link]
03. Na mu (Tree) [Alternate Link]
04. Milky Way [Alternate Link]
05. Chun sa eh Soom gyul (Beat of Angel) [Alternate Link]
06. Sun mool (Gift) [Alternate Link]
07. Ee run Nae gae (Where Are You) [Alternate Link]
08. Dan nyum (Make A Move) [Alternate Link]
09. Sa rang hae yo (So Much In Love) [Alternate Link]
10. Nam gyuh jin Seul peum (Endless Sorrow) [Alternate Link]
11. The Show Must Go On [Alternate Link]
12. Seoul eh Bit (The Lights of Seoul) [Alternate Link]
13. The Lights of Seoul [Alternate Link]</blockquote>

I'll post up the YG stuff in a separate post ^^;;. And I thought I wouldn't have much today.. :P

[User Picture]From: ruffledhair
2003-05-31 07:17 pm (UTC)
weeeee =D I've been grooving to this all morning. And then I had to go out for the whole day and haven't had the chance to listen to it again. But yay ^_^ the title track is called Atlantis Sonyuh, but yes. Most people will probably be referring it as Atlantis Girl or Atlantis Princess.
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From: ex_tenchi
2003-06-01 01:04 pm (UTC)


I can't even begin to say how cool you are...omg you are some saintly angelic figure or something...

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