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jini's soundclick [May. 27th, 2003|01:59 pm]
korean music

Attention all K.I.S.S. fans out there! This is an interesting find... JiNi's SoundClick. JiNi is the lead singer of the girl trio K.I.S.S., of "Because I'm A Girl" fame (see the picture up there? ^^;; haha). Anyway, K.I.S.S. is gone, but JiNi's working on a(n English) solo album. Her SoundClick is up to see what the public thinks of two of her new songs, "Mystical Night" and "Beautiful Day." But as a bonus, it also showcases the English versions of K.I.S.S. favorites Because I'm A Girl and True Love.

JiNi rewrote the lyrics (to English) and sung 'em and stuff... I have to say it doesn't beat the original, but it's very cool stuff, and her new songs leave me anticipating her new album (it has a trance/euro feel so far). Check it out and comment here ^^.

Btw, SoundClick's streaming is VERY smooth and fast (and I'm on 56k here).

JiNi's SoundClick


From: bareness
2003-05-27 09:13 pm (UTC)
Hello! um.. yeah.. hi! ^^;;
just thought i'd give this link-
it's JiNi's xanga, she updates it fairly regularly with news about her music and stuff ^^;
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From: (Anonymous)
2003-05-28 02:59 pm (UTC)

No more KISS?

Why did KISS disband? =(
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