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korean music

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The Boy Is Mine [Jul. 25th, 2003|11:51 pm]
korean music
x. [ Lee Soo Young &Lee Hyo Ri - The Boy Is Mine ] [128] [3:44]
It's always fun to see how remakes turn out. Lee Soo Young (I Believe, Goodbye My Love, the Korean FFX theme) &Lee Hyo Ri (Fin.K.L.) collaborate in this remake of Brandy &Monica's "The Boy Is Mine." This isn't the best work from either artist, but I'd think curiosity is reason alone to check it out :). These girls have some really sweet vocals. I'm also told that Kang Ta had some part in this, though there's only, like, one male vocal line, &he wasn't in the live performance. So I don't know.

Anyway, I believe this can be found on Lee Soo Young's 4 or 4.5 album. Yes, I'm getting lazy T.T.

Since so many of you have been requesting lyrics or whatnot, here are some excellent sites:

Now let's all give zannah some love for hosting me!! =)
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Hok si / One Love [Jul. 15th, 2003|05:03 pm]
korean music
[mood |apologetic]

Okay, well, I suck. I just ignored you guys for how long? It's due to a mix of being busy and lazy and it being summer. I haven't downloaded a new Korean song in awhile x.x. Anyway, I have a treat for you guys. Well, I hope it's a "treat" for most of you, anyway ;). I've kinda fallen behind on the k-pop scene, but I hope this isn't just new to me.

x. [ BoA - Hok si (Maybe) ] [128] [3:05]
This song is unreleased as far as I know.* I got it from tough012's xanga. If you like it, go ahead and show him some love (via eProps)! He also has over 100 k-pop posters that he wants to get rid of... H.O.T., Shinhwa, Click-B, F2tS, &more! You can check out his thread at soompi or contact him via AIM (tough012).

* Correction -- this is one of the bonus "streaming trax" from the SMTOWN Summer Vacation '03 album. Oops =X.

Now, for the song itself! XD I love it. It's a very strong song; reminds me of Tragic for some reason, even if that's not the most similar song. Hmm... perhaps like Discovery? Kimochi wa Tsutawaru? The intro reminds me of Kimochi. Oh, wait, even better -- Kiseki! Yes, the background undertone/beat is much like that of Kiseki/Miracle.

x. [ 1TYM - One Love ] [128] [3:83]

This is an old song from 1TYM's second album, but I love it so much! It's one of those love songs that you can just imagine slow dancing to... (Not to mention it's sexy XD.)

I'm working on a new layout/structure/format/et cetera... And I'll check the comments for requests/other things. Again, I apologize for going MIA =(. I hope tapedwings, kasa, and mawari have kept you guys busy.

Also! Fly to the Sky 4 (Missing You) is up at Zero Degrees! The download is quite slow, though, but it's worth it! A couple of songs I recommend: 12. I'm Gonna & 03. Han. I'll post the album and do a decent review sometime later -- I hope.
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Ghetto Style / 12:00N [Jun. 9th, 2003|06:11 pm]
korean music

this webspace = zannah's!

Purchase Album

128 bit, 3.45 meg, 3:46 min

track #3 from guardian angel ost ($15.99)
release date: 07.27.01

I was attracted to this song cuz of the name. Anyway, this is from the Guardian Angel OST, which is... yeah. I don't know what it's about. But its OST has a lot of songs by popular singers, including S.E.S., Shinhwa, Baby VOX, H.O.T, and more. Ghetto Style is a kinda sweet, sassy song. The vocals are strong, and it's just an overall great song from the girls.

shinhwa; 12:00N
128 bit, 3.40 meg, 3:42 min

track #5 from guardian angel ost ($15.99)

One of Shinhwa's dance songs. I'm posting it cuz this is relatively rare, as far as I know. And, well, it's Shinhwa. So it must be good. It's not insanely good, but it's good <3.

I also have a H.O.T. song from this soundtrack, which I will post once I figure out its name. My romanisation effort was kinda... "eh." ^^;; It didn't look quite right. I'm still a n00b at this. Anyway, the links to the Guardian Angel OST are to the overseas version, which is produced by Avex (Japanese company: Ayumi Hamasaki, etc.). Well, the point is that the tracklist isn't in Korean, for whatever reason. For the Korean tracklist, see the sold-out domestic version, here.
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byul / hang sang / made in korea [Jun. 7th, 2003|07:21 pm]
korean music

zannah is our oh-so-gracious hostess :D

</a> team; BYUL
128 bit, 3.31 meg, 3:37 min

featured in ddr 3rd mix korean

Okay, I have very limited information on Team. I'm not even sure this is their album cover. It's a pity that the only reason I would even know they exist is because of this song, made famous in DDR 3rd Mix Korean. Yeah, I was playing earlier today and I'm like "wow this song is nice" even though I heard it a long time ago. So I was compelled to download the whole thing, and I really like Team! I can only find 3 songs by them, though, and none are as love-songy as this one. I think Team sets the mood really well. I dunno how to describe it, but it's love-songy pop stuff. (I always have Shinhwa and Fly to the Sky in mind, but Team sounds... less boybandy?)

Purchase Album

128 bit, 3.02 meg, 3:18 min

track #2 from delispice 4: d ($10.25)
release date: 09.20.01

I'm pretty sure I first heard this in a music video, otherwise I have no idea why it sounds so familiar. This song is soft-rockish. Yeah we're starting to have more rock here! ^^;; Anyway, I'm sorry the title is terribly long and ugly, but... it is. I couldn't find even the romanized title anywhere, so I had to romanize it myself just for you guys <3. (Cuz I don't think a title of "�׻� ������ �ѵѲ�" would do you much good.) Umm... lead vocal is male ^^. That's it.

Purchase Album

cherry filter; MADE IN KOREA
128 bit, 3.48 meg, 3:48 min

track #3 from cherry filter 2 ($10.75)
release date: 08.13.02

More Korean rock! This is a little "rockier" than the Delispice song up there, and with a lead female vocal. This song is just a little too much for my tastes, but Cherry Filter is a really great band and they deserve to be recognized. I'll probably post another one of their songs that I like better later. "Made in Korea" is the title track of their second album, so I figured it was appropriate.

Okay! I hope you'll all find something you like. sakura_sama, I'm getting to your M.I.L.K. request! ^^;; I just need to rip it from my CD.
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there's no love [Jun. 4th, 2003|07:25 pm]
korean music

zannah = hostess

x-large; THERE'S NO LOVE
128 bit, 3.59 meg, 3:55 min

track #1 from chapter 2 ($10.25)
release date: 12.07.02

I saw the music video for this song awhile back, but I could never get ahold of it. Well, now I have it, and its greatness I will share! I've hardly heard of X-Large, but they have a really great sound. Nice vocals <3. Like.. in the Shinhwa department.

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loveholic [Jun. 4th, 2003|04:16 pm]
korean music

hosted by zannah[!]

loveholic; LOVEHOLIC
128 bit, 3.34 meg, 3:39 min

track #2 from loveholic 1: florist ($8.95)
release date: 04.26.03

Yay! I'd like to think Loveholic is an obscure find of mine, but truth is, this song is #5 on the Korean Top 20 charts. It really reminds me of some J-pop I've listened to before; I still think it sounds more Japanese than Korean. Still, they have a sound of their own (I can't safely compare them to any other groups). YesAsia says "Korean modern rock", so I'm going with that ^^;;. (Oh, and yes, the artist is Loveholic, and the song is titled Loveholic.)

I just downloaded and figured out Soribada (like KaZaA, except Korean) last night, so I can post up a bit more variety here now. I was so happy to see all the things they had that would never show up on KaZaA searches.
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Sae sang ae Chook jae / Show Me Love [May. 31st, 2003|11:45 pm]
korean music

hosted by zannah[!]

128 bit, 3.81 meg, 4:10 min

from 97-yg-02 ($12.75)
release date: 10.29.02

Very different than any YG stuffs I've posted before. It's a nice slow song, no hip hop, no rap. It's r&bish, the rhythm kinda reminds me of Seven.

yg family; SHOW ME LOVE
128 bit, 3.41 meg, 3:44 min

track #3 from 97-yg-02 ($12.75)
release date: 10.29.02

This sounds more like the YG I've posted before. It's a sort of mellower song by comparion, though. It's like, a constant beat, but not rushed. It's mid-tempo and it just feels "paced". It's not slow but definitely not fast. (Gosh Perry's so good :P.)

Yeah I dunno... At first I didn't know what to upload (before I found the links to BoA and Eugene's albums), so I just uploaded some stuff that I downloaded recently off KaZaA and liked. I'm not THAT obsessed with YG ^^;;;.
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Eugene 1 [May. 31st, 2003|07:50 pm]
korean music
Look out, here's a second whole album for today! Eugene's solo album and BoA's 3rd album just happened to debut on the same day.

My True Style is the solo debut album of Eugene, the girl that put the "E" in S.E.S. Unfortunately, S.E.S. broke up a few months ago. Their hit "Dreams Come True" really introduced a lot of people into Korean music.

I really don't know what to expect from this album, cuz I haven't heard a bit of it. The title song is #1, "The Best".

01. The Best
02. Cha cha
03. Rainy Day
04. You & I
05. Bad Boy
06. Feel Me
07. Sa rang in ka yo [Goodbye]
08. Sweet Babe
09. Lovely Day
10. Stay With Me
11. [Regret]
12. My Best Friend
13. Neul Cha eum cha lum [Loving You]
14. Ki uhk hae yo [Remember Me]
15. Jesus Loves Me </blockquote>

Thanks again to best4ever!
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BoA 3 [May. 31st, 2003|07:11 pm]
korean music
I have quite a bit for you kids today ^^;;. I have outlinks to two places to download BoA's latest album, Atlantis Princess, and a couple of local YG Family links.

This is BoA's 3rd album, whose official release is TODAY! Not too surprisingly, two sites already have the full album up. The first is the same place that I got the full Seven album from (i.e. the Korean site I can't navigate which is why I'm posting direct links), which you can download from by clicking the song titles. The second is Zero Degrees, which is offered as the "Alternate Link". Play around and download from whichever one works better for you. Btw: I dunno what bitrate the songs from Zero are, but the songs from the Korean site are 192 bit. Keep that in mind?

A little about the album itself: the title song is #2, which unfortunately I lost the Korean title to. [Edit: Ah teul lan ti seu Soh nyah.] It's already well-known by its English subtitle "Atlantis Princess", or perhaps a closer translation, "Atlantis Girl". I'm in the process of downloading the album myself, so I can't comment much on its actual contents. However, I am glad to see the abundance of Korean titles (and as tapedwings pointed out, lack of English sung in the title song). It just makes me feel like even though she's climbed to be considered the universal symbol of Asian pop, she's not forgetting about Korea back home. I dunno ^^;;. It's just a refreshing change.

Oh, by the way, I hope you notice that Seoul eh Bit and The Lights of Seoul are songs that I posted last week ^^.

01. Time to Begin [Alternate Link]
02. Atlantis Soh nyah (Atlantis Princess) [Alternate Link]
03. Na mu (Tree) [Alternate Link]
04. Milky Way [Alternate Link]
05. Chun sa eh Soom gyul (Beat of Angel) [Alternate Link]
06. Sun mool (Gift) [Alternate Link]
07. Ee run Nae gae (Where Are You) [Alternate Link]
08. Dan nyum (Make A Move) [Alternate Link]
09. Sa rang hae yo (So Much In Love) [Alternate Link]
10. Nam gyuh jin Seul peum (Endless Sorrow) [Alternate Link]
11. The Show Must Go On [Alternate Link]
12. Seoul eh Bit (The Lights of Seoul) [Alternate Link]
13. The Lights of Seoul [Alternate Link]</blockquote>

I'll post up the YG stuff in a separate post ^^;;. And I thought I wouldn't have much today.. :P
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jini's soundclick [May. 27th, 2003|01:59 pm]
korean music

Attention all K.I.S.S. fans out there! This is an interesting find... JiNi's SoundClick. JiNi is the lead singer of the girl trio K.I.S.S., of "Because I'm A Girl" fame (see the picture up there? ^^;; haha). Anyway, K.I.S.S. is gone, but JiNi's working on a(n English) solo album. Her SoundClick is up to see what the public thinks of two of her new songs, "Mystical Night" and "Beautiful Day." But as a bonus, it also showcases the English versions of K.I.S.S. favorites Because I'm A Girl and True Love.

JiNi rewrote the lyrics (to English) and sung 'em and stuff... I have to say it doesn't beat the original, but it's very cool stuff, and her new songs leave me anticipating her new album (it has a trance/euro feel so far). Check it out and comment here ^^.

Btw, SoundClick's streaming is VERY smooth and fast (and I'm on 56k here).

JiNi's SoundClick

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